Hyatt (H) Added to Potential All Time Highs Breakout Watchlist

Hyatt (H) came to my attention via an email from Merrill Lynch stating they were adding H to their “US 1” list. I took a look at the weekly chart and noticed that it was trading at an all time high over a 20 year period. After and all time high was set at $63.74 during the week beginning 9/15/14 there was a pull back that lasted over three years. On 10/30/17, the price broke out to a new all time high of $67.36 during the week starting 10/30/17 on about average volume. Since then, the price has been trending up with no significant pull back.  It has a current Zack’s rank of #1, so that adds to my interest. So I am adding it to the watch list and will be watching for a pull back lasting at least 12 weeks and then wait for a new break out above whatever price a new all time high is established at if it is accompanied be above average volume.

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