Bought a small stake in Mazor Robotics, LTD (MZOR)

This is going to look like I am utilizing the “greater fool” approach to investing, but I bought a very small position in MZOR (9 shares) just to force me to follow the stock. The stock is trading at all time high territory and I should wait for a pull back and some consolidation. But this stock reminds me of a young Intuitive Surgical (an opportunity I was aware of but missed out on) so I wanted its action to be in front of me every day, waiting for a more appropriate time to take a bigger position.

Bought McKesson (MCK) today.

I will edit with more details later, but for now I just wanted to say that I bought MCK todayfor the following reasons. Primarily it is rated as 5 Stars and a wide moat by Morningstar and has a dividend of 0.81% that Morningstar expects to grow. I had already owned it for those reasons but got stopped out on a 3.5 ATR trailing stop. But the price available today was below the price at which I got stopped out, and the price had gone below the lower Bollinger Band and reversed back above it. That was the signal I used to jump back in.