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New book, blog, and trading course recommendation coming soon!

I am in the process of reading The ARt and Science of Trading by Adam Grimes. I will have more details coming soon. But my overall impression is that it is well worth reading! And Adam has a blog and a FREE Online trading course where he opens up and shares many of his techniques. Look for a blog post with more details and links soon!

A couple new links to other websites will be added soon.

I recently became aware of a couple resources on the web that I was not previously aware of. I intend to create a recommended links area on higheronthehog.com and I will include permanent links there. But for now I will just include the info here so that more people will be able to benefit from this info. First, If you go to www.google.com, and then click on the icon for google apps near the upper right hand corner. Then on the pop up list of apps, click on "more" and then click on "Finance" then scroll down untill you see "Trends" you will find a list that you can sort four different ways to gain insight into what is trending. The other site that I believe is very helpful is thelion.com. This sight aggregates trending conversations that are happening about companies and other investments. Just type in a stock symbol and you can see what everyone is talking about related to that stock!

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